Sustainable Buildings: The Business Case

Paul King, CEO of the UK Green Building Council, recently presented a seminar at the University of Ulster on this topic, as it corresponds with the recent launch of this publication:

“The Business Case for Green Building – A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants”  by the World Green Building Council.

The seminar was a fascinating insight from the global picture and direction of sustainability down to the positive approach and industry-led drive to understand and promote the case for sustainability – to politicians and the public. The case is compelling, not just from an environmental perspective but from a business perspective too.

  • Four reasons for sustainability for business:
    • Risk – to mitigate risk of not keeping up and facing future problems or statutory penalties.
    • Reputation – importance of being a responsible market-leader.
    • Reward – direct and indirect benefits of lower costs and tanglible staff / productivity benefits
    • Right thing to do!

At Starch, that’s something we’re passionate about – promoting the wide-ranging and tangible benefits of a sustainable approach – whether it’s at the macro-scale policy-making and policy-influencing level or at the scale of individual projects from conservation to corporations to the design & construction of highly energy-efficient new homes.

In future posts, we’ll look at the case for sustainability in more detail, but for now we’ll summarise some of the main points from the seminar:

  • Overall, buildings are the cheapest and fastest way to achieve our carbon reduction goals – so it makes sense to concentrate on them.
  • It’s predicted that 80% of our building stock in 2050 is already built, so the need for retrofit on older buildings is huge!
  • If we are to achieve our target of zero carbon (new) homes by 2016, the whole construction industry needs to be proactive in taking forward the ‘green’ agenda together with collaboration, innovation and confidence.

GBC Executive Summary


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