New Homes – Without Space + Light?

How important is space to you in your home? How important is natural light?

Did you know that the UK has the smallest new-build homes in Western Europe!?

Did you also know:

  • Only one in four of us would choose to buy a new build home!
  • Lack of natural light (20%) and lack of space (32%) are among the most cited causes of dissatisfaction with current homes.
  • England, Wales and Northern Ireland are missing out on space standards. London is the only place in the country to have introduced legal minimum space standards for both public and private housing.

New-build homes matter because they are just not enough houses and because new energy-efficient homes are a vital way for the UK to meet its agreed carbon reduction targets.

While you could perhaps argue that smaller homes use less energy, the actual point is that new homes must be attractive to buyers compared to larger but more inefficient existing housing stock, with less insulation and more draughts. Houses have to have the right level of space + light:

Space is a key aspect to the quality of our homes. We need privacy and space to relax, a communal area to eat, an outdoor place to relax – and quite simply enough room to store the vacuum cleaner!

You may find it surprising but many new build homes aren’t built with these basic requirements in mind:

Lack of space is the main reason why people living in homes built less than 10 years ago want to make changes or are considering moving home

69% of people moving into new-build homes said there wasn’t enough space for their possessions

60% of people who said they would not buy a new home claimed room size was a major factor in their decision.

The average home in the UK used to be 85m² and had 5.2 rooms, with an average area of 16.3m² per room

The average new home in the UK is now 76m² and has 4.8 rooms, with an average area of 15.8m² per room

The average 1 bedroom new build home is 46m² – exactly the same size as a Jubilee Line train carriage on the London Underground

The HomeWise campaign is created and promoted by the Royal Institute of British Architects. If you want to get more information or get involved – go to:

One of the aims of the campaign is to: “MAKE GOVERNMENT INTRODUCE PRODUCT LABELLING FOR ALL HOMES SO THAT EVERYONE CAN MAKE MORE INFORMED DECISIONS WHEN CHOOSING A HOME.” We, at StArch, think that this is a great idea to allow buyers to compare like for like. Knowing the energy efficiency of a new house is important, and so is knowing how much space there is!

So, if you’re considering building your own new home, then it’s important to know the difference an architect can make to produce a tailored and bespoke design. Click here to see some of the benefits and the value of working with an architect.

GA Design NI have the experience and expertise to work for you and with you so that you can have a spacious, bright and energy efficient home that meets your needs, your budget & your aspirations. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation or if you want to know more.

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