Renewables in Northern Ireland

Zooming in from the world scale and the UK scale, the Northern Ireland Planning Service has recently published a range of interesting statistics on planning applications for all types of renewable energy saying:

The Northern Ireland Executive is committed to the use of renewable energy. The Programme for Government 2011 – 2015 has a commitment to achieve 20% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2015.

When you look at the changing nature and volume of planning applications over more than ten years: (i) 2013-2014 applications are, of course, not yet recorded over a full year, so 2012-2013 is the last full year to look at but (ii) s

  • ingle wind turbine applications (of whatever size) are by far the most frequent form of application, and numbers leapt considerably in 2010-2011.

The location map of single wind turbine applications shows a fairly even distribution outside mountainous areas (click map for larger view):


The location map of wind farm applications shows a more clustered distribution (click map for larger view):

wind_farms_map_march2013-2The full range of statistics is available here.

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